Andrea & Don Sidney

  • "As long time small square hay bale users for our horses, we have been looking at switching to round bales but were disappointed in the amount of hay wasted. 

Spring paddock cleaning was also much more labour intensive having to deal with large piles of mouldy, rotting hay. 

We tried Rosie's round bale net and were astounded at how easy it was to install and the virtually complete elimination of waste.
As an added bonus we have noticed less chewing of the paddock boards as the horses are forced to eat slower and spend more time at the round bale.
The nets are extremely durable and customer service from Rosie has been top-notch. We heartily recommend these hay nets."




  • Canadian-made

  • Hand sewn

  • Durable, chemical-free material

  • 1 3/4" mesh size

  • Reflective drawstring (yellow or orange

Pricing (includes taxes)

Comes in two sizes:

  •  4x5 round bale net - $175

  •  5x7 round bale net - $225

 To order, please call or e-mail me at:


705-868-7239 (Cell phone call or text)

Smaller nets available

  • Small - $25

  • Medium - $30

  • Large -$ 40

Save Your Money, Save Your Hay

Hello, I am Roseanne I live on a 55 acre farm in Pontypool Ontario. Years ago I started looking into different ways to save our hay. The wastage, the mess and the money that we were going through drove me to look at different feeding options. I spent the next few years exploring horse hay nets; I was looking for a  durable product with no chemicals and  Canadian made was important to me. After much searching I was still dissatisfied, finally I decided to develop my own product. After extensive testing at multiple barns I launched Grazing Nets.

Grazing Nets


Chrystal Woodhouse . Certified Equine Massage Therapist


  • With hay prices going up I started looking for hay nets. Good quality material, made in North America and being able to order custom sizes was important to me. Not only did I get all that, the customer service was amazing... Thank you Roseanne and Grazing Nets!

Jill Adams

  • Last year with the cost of hay being so high I decided to invest in a hay net.The first good thing was I was dealing directly with the owner who is local, not with a business who sells nets for someone else.Secondly I was lent a net so I could try out and make sure it worked for me. Needless to say with horses that could tear a round bale apart in 24 hours and waste so much it was a quick decision to buy several.Best investment ever!! 

Nellie Vanderstarre

  • I received my hay nets a few days ago, I have always had a problem with my horses wasting hay, putting on weight and having an older horse that  likes to bury his face in the hay/coughing. Heard about the smaller nets that fit a half or a whole bale. When I went to order them, did not know what size I wanted so Rosie was good enough to lend me a couple of nets. I decided to get the bigger size that would hold a whole bale. They work great and are very well made, now I have no waste and can  monitor the usage. They work great and dealing with Rosie was a great experience and she even delivered them I highly recommend these nets especially with the rising price of hay.




              Coming this fall 2017......1" netting.

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